Going Beyond Diversity with Cynthia Malone


On March 3, we heard from co-founder and co-chair of the Society for Conservation Biology’s Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee, Cynthia Malone, in her talk, “Going Beyond Diversity: Addressing Inequity and Exclusivity in Environmental Sciences“. Cynthia discussed the historical context of human-environment associations, particularly how the environment has been used as a form of violence against African American individuals and communities. She shared her vision for going beyond promoting diversity in the environmental sciences by also focusing on inclusion and equity. She stressed the importance of validating diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ways of knowing in our field. Cynthia encourages us all to go beyond our historical understanding of conservation to include addressing environmental injustice and environmental racism in our work.

Thank you Cynthia for sharing your research, work, and insights with us! If you want to follow more of Cynthia’s work, you can check out her twitter handle .

If you missed Cynthia’s talk, check out the Storify below, with live tweets from SACNAS!