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The diverse Santa Cruz region is home to a host of marine and terrestrial species, and has among the highest native amphibian, bird, and fish diversity in California. Our ecosystems stretch though Monterey Bay's productive submarine canyon, the bustling intertidal zone, redwood-filled canyons, and the high and dry chaparral. However, the biodiversity of the Santa Cruz region also faces many threats, including exurbanization, fragmentation, and climate change. SCSCB was formed to contribute to the protection of our wild places through partnerships and collaborations across the Santa Cruz region.

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Community Partnerships

The Santa Cruz conservation community includes a wide array of conservation non-profits, environmental educators, the academic community at UCSC, and the general public. SCSCB is dedicated to communicating and engaging throughout our community to promote conservation science and education that is accessible to the public.

Bridging Science and Practice

SCSCB believes in the importance of conservation science and practice informing one another. We are planning a conservation action seminar series to bring conservation practitioners from the Santa Cruz region to UCSC in order to introduce their work to students and academics.

Providing Conservation Services

The SCSCB membership has a diverse set of skills and interests, including ecological monitoring, experimental design, and statistics. We are making our services available through partnerships with conservation practitioners and educators in order to contribute to local programs.